Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen

The REINHAUSEN Group is active in the field of

power engineering and is composed of the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) located in Regensburg and its 23 subsidiaries spread all around the world. In the past fiscal year 2,700 employees generated sales of over 600 million Euros.

Its core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is achieved primarily by using on-load tap-changers that adjust the turn ratio of the primary and secondary windings to the changing load ratios and together with other innovative products and services ensure the failure-free supply of power. Other major divisions include the construction of high-voltage testing and diagnostic systems, the manufacture of composite insulators, the conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and

surface modification using atmospheric-pressure plasma technologies. Our customers are manufacturers of high-voltage equipment and systems, power utility companies and large-scale industries with intensive power requirements.

I.S.A ALTANOVA Group S.r.l.

ISA has been specializing in electrical test equipment for the power industry for 70 years.

ISA has celebrating in 2008 its 70th anniversary since establishment and its aim has always been clear since then: providing excellent and leading edge technology to its customers and satisfy them with innovative and reliable products.

ISA is a leading worldwide provider of Advanced Test andMeasurement

System to such diversified industries as:

- Electrical Utilities

- Power equipment manufacturers

- Petrochemical & Chemical Industry

- Heavy Industry

- Contractors and Engineering

- Electrical Testing Service Companies

• ISA maintains global operations withsupport resources and sales

representatives in 80 countries on 5 continents.

• ISA provides Technical Service Support and On-Site training worldwide.

• All ISA Test Instruments have three characteristics world-wide recognized:

Innovative • Rugged • User friendly

•All ISA Test and Measurement Instruments have been designed to be

used in severe environment such as high voltage substations and heavy

industry plants.

• All our Test Instruments are developed, designed and constructed to

comply with the IEC, CE and the most used international standards

•ISA manufacturing and development facilities are certified to the full

operational requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard since 1994and

ISO 9001 -VISION 2000 since year 2000

DILO your flexible technology partner

World's leading brand by quality and innovation

If you need a technology partner who combines top

quality, sustainability and innovative solutions with

the flexibility of a medium-sized company DILO is

your perfect partner. Being specialized in the core

competence fields of "SF6 gas handling" and "High pressure tube unions" we offer

everything necessary for successful solutions ranging from best product advice to

service. With great passion and without any compromises. Therefore DILO has

been renowned in the significant technology markets all over the world for more

than 60 years.

SF6 gas handling

Nowadays, SF6 gas handling contributes the major share of turnover forDILO. As

the leading brand worldwide we have all the resources and know how in order

to implement individual customer requirements quickly and flexibly.

High pressure tube unions

The metal-to-metal sealing principle developed by DILO is the system preferred in

sectors with extremely high pressures and temperatures as well as aggressive media.

Our product range will satisfy practically all pipe diameter and wall thickness


Welcome to b2hv – Manufacturer of world class practically oriented

high voltage test equipment for simple cable testing & diagnostics

and on site oil testing.

b2 high voltage technology is a benchmark worldwide for innovation,

low weight, compact dimensions and usability.

Solutions by b2hv have proven themselves with energy suppliers

all over the world.

While our customers are responsible for providing fail-safe energy

supply networks, we provide them with the required high

voltage testing technology.

Headquartered in Switzerland and with operation centres in the EU, MICAFLUID is the sole beneficiary of a century-old heritage of extensive knowledge and

experience in the power industry, making it a world

leader in the engineering and development of

insulating oil treatment, regeneration and integrated


Our approach

Micafluid is committed to delivering high quality oil and

gas purification systems.Our solutions often address

our clients most demanding requirements, setting the

benchmark of our industry and upholding the state-othe-


We are the specialists for contact elements and systems in low-, medium and high-voltage networks. We are also established as key players on the international market with our individual total solutions for private and industrial power supply systems.

Founded as a family business in 1921, we have remained true to our roots to the present day. Karl Heinz PFISTERER and his niece Dorothee Hertweck, representing the third and fourth generations of the family, help

to look after the legacy of our founder Karl PFISTERER in their capacity as members of the supervisory board of PFISTERER Holding AG.

The company is fully owned by the family. This independence from large corporate groups is important to us because it means that we can adapt our products

and solutions to the needs of our customers without any restrictions.