Modern Asarya Motors services and history

Modern Asarya Motors

established in 2009 as a service and trading

company working in the field of electric utility (high, medium & low

voltage) and electric power generation. Modern Asarya has 4 departments:

1– Electric utility department

High, Medium & lowvoltage,

· Selling all types of tap changers for power and distribution transformers

and their spare parts

·Selling distribution and power transformers up to 500 kv and dry type

transformers up to 20MVA

·Selling All electric test equipment, for transformers, relays and circuit

breakers, serge arrestors, substation batteries

·Selling Medium voltage VT & current CT instrument transformers

·Selling Equipment to measure Dissolved gases in transformers oil

·Selling Cable connections for underground and overhead lines

·selling Protection relays

·Selling SF6 gas handling and servicing equipment in switchgears

. Upgrade of existing medium voltage switchgears

2– Electric Power generation department

Modern Asarya install and can provide a turnkey projects for the supply of

electrical power to any site, Modern Asarya with its partners from Italy

manufacturers can supply and install generators, voltage regulators and

fuel tanks with any power required and the civil work needed

3- Commissioning and servicesdepartment

Modern Asarya has the capabilities, technical partners & qualifiedengineers

to provide services to all it products at site and in its workshop

Modern Asarya provides and performs preventive maintenance of power

transformers or components in accordance withmanufacturer instructions

to identify and correct potential problems before they affect operation or


The most effective preventive programs are oil sampling and testing,

electrical testing andvisual inspection. Together, these methods provide the

information needed to establish the condition of the transformer and

determine the necessary action in order to assure reliability and optimal

performance of the equipment.

We can also service switchgears and install sf6 insulated retrofit